Our team has been active in sharing Pace’s ePortfolio progress through numerous conference presentations and scholarly articles. Below is a growing list of our ePortfolio scholarship:

Presentations (in progress):

Anstendig, Linda L, National Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, “Reflective Practices in Core Reform: WAC Workshops, Learning Communities, and E-Portfolios,” Rice University. (March 2002).

Gordon, Beth Gordon (Presenter), Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, “Implementation of ePortfolios,” Houston, Texas. (March 2002).

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Anstendig, Linda, Samantha Egan, Beth Gordon Klingner, James Stenerson , Ravi Ravishanker, Chiara Travia. “Building an ‘Educational Passport:’ ePortfolios at Pace University Using and Open Source Solution”. ePortfolios & The Emergent Learning Ecology, AAEEBL, Boston, MA, July 2010.Conference Presentation

Egan, Samantha, Beth Gordon Klingner, Ravi Ravishanker. “Implementing ePortfolios in Six Months Through an Open-Source Solution“. NERCOMP SIG, Worchester, MA, Sept. 2010. Conference Presentation

Gordon, Beth Gordon (Presenter), Anstendig, Linda L (Presenter), Assessment Institute, “Moving Towards an Integrated Learning ePortfolio as an “Educational Passport“,” Indianapolis, Indiana. (October 25, 2010).

Egan, Samantha, Beth Gordon Klingner. “Shrinking the Distance in Distance Learning: Using ePortfolios to Close the Gap in Online Courses“. Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando, FL, Nov. 2011. Conference Presentation

Gordon, Beth Gordon (Author & Presenter), Anstendig, Linda L (Author & Presenter), Egan, Samantha (Author & Presenter), ePortfolios in Learning and Instruction – Visions, Concepts, Experience, “ePortfolios and Faculty Development: Charting the Impact on Teaching, Learning and Campus Culture,” University of Education, Freiburg, Germany. (November 18, 2011).

Anstendig, Linda, Martina Blackwood, Garrett Dell, Samantha Egan, Kristina Hoeppner, Keith Landa, Beth Gordon Klingner. “Meet the Mahara User Group: A Panel Discussion,” The Association for Authentic, Experimental and Evidence-Based Learning. Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA. 17 July 2012. Conference Presentation.

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Burke, Megan, Samantha Egan, Beth Gordon Klingner. “eTerns: What Every Campus Needs to Pull off a Technology  Revolution.” NorthEast Regional Computing Program.  Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI. 12 March 2013. Conference Presentation.

Collins, Jane and Bryant, Heather. “The ePortfolio Journey:  How Student ePortfolio Uses and Style Evolve.” The Art and Science of Effective Instruction for the Pace Student:  the 12th Annual Pace University Faculty Institute. New York. May 21-22, 2013.

Gordon, B. G., Wier, A., Stenerson, J., Egan, S., Anstendig, L., AAEEBL ePortfolio Conference,
“Scaling Up:  Documenting ePortfolio Progress,” AAEEBL, Boston, MA. August 1, 2013

Collins, Jane and Bryant, Heather. “Writing Into the World:  ePortfolios from Undergraduate Reflection to Professional Performance.”   Reinventing Liberal Education: 2013 FRN National Symposium. Miami. November 22-23, 2013.

Pace presenters at AAEEBL2010

Presenting at the first AAEEBL conference in 2010. From left to right: Jim Stenerson, Samantha Egan, Linda Anstendig, Chiara Travia, Ravi Ravishanker, Beth Gordon


Anstendig, Linda; Samantha Egan. “The Evolution From Pilot to Program.” The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning 2.2 (2011): 1-7.

Egan, Samantha. “Joining the EPortfolio Team.” The Association for Authentic, Experiential   and Evidence-Based Learning 1.6 (2010): 1-4.

Siporin, Sheldon. “Using EPortfolio to Aid Reflection in Introductory Psychology.”  Psychology Learning and Teaching 12 (2013)


In spring 2013 Dr. Linda Anstendig and Political Science/Communications  student, Jemma York, completed an undergraduate research study to capture the student perception of ePortfolios, a topic that has not yet been thoroughly examined by the international ePortfolio community. With the help of two student eTerns, they were able to interview a number of students on their ePortfolio experience and write a report on their findings. Jemma York presented the study at the Pleasantville Undergraduate Research Showcase in May. The full study can be viewed on its ePortfolio page.