Our Project

Our uphill ePortfolio journey began over ten years ago as we dabbled in various platforms and approaches, but we unified our approach in Spring 2010 by collaborating across departments and working with a single platform and template in Mahara.  Our pilot group had only 250 students, but we’ve grown significantly since then and have over 10,000 cumulative users.  Degree of usage ranges and we do encourage an integrated approach encouraging users to embrace ePortfolios for teaching and learning, extra and co-curricular work, assessment and career development.  We continue to search for ways to deepen and expand our ePortfolio as the stories and practices on our pages describe.

We are especially proud of accomplishments in 3 key areas: faculty development, social pedagogy and reflective thinking/writing.  Our teaching circle initiative, conducted over 3 years has included over 100 faculty.  More information about this is included in our Professional Development Story.  While our work on social pedagogy is just beginning in many ways, we our proud to share a very successful example from Dr. Wier’s Microbiology course in our Social Pedagogy Practice section.  Dr. Anstendig’s Reflective Thinking and Writing Practice highlights her approach to reflection through ePortfolio, which has been at the heart of our ePortfolio efforts for all of these years.