The Pace ePortfolio Team is grateful for all of the university-wide support for ePortfolio adoption that began with advisory board in the Fall of 2009.  This cross-departmental group of faculty and staff worked diligently with us to build our “bucket list” and it’s been extremely rewarding to see our list come to life. In addition, we want to thank the Pace students, and especially the eTerns, who continue to inspire us through their incredible artifacts and their thoughtful reflections.

What we have learned through our various ePortfolio Assessment Pilots and programs would not be possible without the skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm brought to the projects by Joy Tatusko, Assessment Research Analyst for the Office of Planning, Assessment, and
Institutional Research.

We’d like to also acknowledge our fabulous team of student eTerns, past, present and future. Without this group of talented, enthusiastic, patient students, our program would not have reached the depth of user ship that we have today.

Thanks to Hillary Knepper and Michelle Pulaski-Behling, two extraordinary ePortfolio teaching circle “alumni” who now lead the seminar on their respective campuses. Their time and expertise have helped the ePortfolio program reach over 100 faculty.

Finally, we’d like to thank our very creative and talented Programming and Technical Services Team, especially John Valentina and James Lulves, whose support of our open source ePortfolio has been outstanding.  Their work on Mahara has made us the envy of other Mahara schools and we are extremely grateful.

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