Project Dashboard

This dashboard shows our significant growth over the past four years.  Starting with a small pilot of 250 students and 20 faculty, our project has expanded to include students/faculty from every college/school at Pace, as well as many support staff who have contributed greatly to the project. While we don’t know exactly how many faculty are incorporating ePortfolios in their courses, we do know that 103 completed our teaching circle seminars and 33 different faculty used ePortfolios in spring 2013.

Thanks to our teaching circles, we know that every school (Dyson College or Arts and Sciences, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, College of Health Professions, School of Education, Lubin School of Business) has had at least one course implement ePortfolios. We are not yet able to track every course that uses ePortfolios, but we do keep detailed records of every ePortfolio workshop done by our office since 2012.

The chart below shows our workshop data from Spring 2013:


As the graphic shows, in Spring 2013, our team visited 53 courses and trained a total of 969 students.

Our cumulative data also adds to the picture by telling us the number of users who have used ePortfolio over the past year:

      May 2012 Snapshot May 2013 Snapshot Percentage change
ePortfolio Total Users     290 774 166.90%
ePortfolio Total Artefacts     1164 3038 161.00%
ePortfolio Total Hits     7190 36830 412.24%
      May 2012 Culmulative Users May 2013 Culmulative Users Percentage change
ePortfolio Total Users     7839 11073 41.26%

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 4.20.07 PM

In addition to our C2L leadership team of 4, we have one-full time staff member in Academic Technology who helps support the program. We currently have seven eTerns, split between our New York and Westchester campuses, who provide hands-on support  in the form of workshops, one-on-one meetings and online support.