Our Student Voices

Listen to our Students’ Voices

Our students are at the heart of our ePortfolio project.  Through their ePortfolios, you can hear their diverse stories, their many accomplishments and how they are able to make powerfully thoughtful connections between all of their experiences.  We have pursued this ePortfolio initiative at Pace for years because we are committed to honoring these voices.  While we celebrate the outstanding voices through our annual student showcase , we truly celebrate all of our students’ work in ePortfolio as it serves as a type of educational passport documenting their travels through Pace University and beyond.  Listen to our students’ voices at http://eportfolio.pace.edu .

 ePortfolios and Student Learning

The meaningful use of ePortfolios in classroom curriculum can help students better absorb course content. Dr. Andrew Wier’s microbiology assignment, featured in our social pedagogy story, demonstrates this. In the video below, one of his students reflects on how using ePortfolio impacted her understanding of various types of bacteria.

Specific Assignments From Student ePortfolios

Industry Theory and Practice

This course is part of the Masters in Media and Communication Arts program. Dr. Michelle Pulaski Behling asks her students to create a robust portfolio showcasing their student work.

Please see the full assignments, complete with rubric: MCA 601 Eportfolio Assignment

Student Samples:

Student Reflections on ePortfolio

In spring 2013, Linda Anstendig and student ePortfolio “eTern,” Jemma York completed a research project that examined the student perception of ePortfolios. In the video below you will hear several Pace students being interviewed on their initial thoughts of ePortfolio, the process of creating one, and what they perceive to be the benefits of using the tool.

Student Showcase

Since spring 2011, we have celebrated our annual contest winners at a ePortfolio Student Showcase Ceremony, where our winners are awarded with an ePortfolio Certificate of Excellence (which has evolved into a badge) and give a short presentation of their excellent ePortfolios.

Below is a sampling of some of our winners from years past. Many of our winners also chose to have their ePortfolios frozen in time through the Pace Digital Commons